RPBW Kirribilli MAS60 (2001)

Kirribilli is a full composite mono hull, 18-metre (60 feet) overall length of fast cruising boat, whose minimalism and simplicity are a homage to J. Class sailboats of the 1930s.

The general design of the boat is sleek, both in the profile of the hull and in its details. The deck is completely flush, and the red and white interior space is divided as to allow a general view of the structure from aft to fore. The bow is shaped to improve the dynamic length under sails and to give the hull a perfect side view.

The high aspect ratio and full roach sailplan increases the driving force by reducing the residuary resistance and the windage of the rigging. The boat is provided with a carbon rotating airfoil mast with furling and full battened main sail, stored in the boom.