OMA, KOOLHAAS Rem Villa dall’Ava (1991)

The villa is situated on a hill which slopes steeply toward the Seine, the Bois de Boulogne, and the city of Paris, in the residential area of Saint Cloud – a neighbourhood characterised by 19th century houses in a classical “Monet” landscape.

The client wanted a glass house with a swimming pool on the roof and two separate “apartments” – one for the parents, the other for the daughter. They also wanted a panoramic view – from their swimming pool – of the surrounding landscape and the city of Paris.

The site is like a big room, with a boundary made of greenery, garden walls and slopes. It is composed of three parts: a sloping garden, the main volume of the villa, the street level garage with access in a cavity.

The house is conceived as a glass pavilion containing living and dining areas, with two hovering, perpendicular apartments shifted in opposite directions to exploit the view. They are joined by the swimming pool which rests on the concrete structure encased by the glass pavilion.