LACATON Anne, VASSAL Jean Philippe House in Corsica (2001)

At a distance from the village, starting with a track navigable by car, one plunges into a dense undergrowth of holm-oaks nine to twelve meters high, which let in very little sunlight and from where one no longer sees the sea.
The project is inspired by observation of the roads of Cap Corse, which cling subtly to the mountainside and overhang the sea.

The top of the trees consitutes the project’s datum level. The house is set up right on a high contour line in the upper part of the terrain. On pilotis, the house extends the greatest possible length (83 m), looking over the sea.
The house thus becomes a belvedere. As the owner wished, it offers the widest of views of the sea from anywhere in the house.
The metal framework is built like scaffolding, a scaffolding adapted to the difficult conditions of access and to accommodating to the terrain.

Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal, architects
with Mathieu Laporte, David Pradel, architects collaborators / with CESMA, engineers, metal structure