220609 FC

Life is compartmented in 3 parts : learning to produce value, producing value, and not being able to produce value anymore. It seems to me that it has always been this way. The caveman had to learn to hunt and gather, then he brought back prey and berries to the community, and finally he wasn’t able to do it. Today, it could be resumed in education, labour and retirement. In the recent decades, we won more time to learn and more time for leisure, and the physical and dangerous jobs are about to disappear.

In agriculture and industry, the production of value has been replaced by machines. While there is still some humans needed for maintenance, we can expect that it will approach 100% in the next few decades.

Humans are relegated to service jobs (design, sales, insurance, …) conditioned by the productivity of machines in agriculture and industry. Interestingly enough, even those jobs are set to be automated by machines.

If this trend continues over the next decades labour will disappear for the first time in human history. Life will be only education and retirement.

I wonder how life would be. Can leisure exist without labor ?