KUROKAWA Kisho Agricultural City (1960)

It seems to me that there exist a city versus village concept with an emphasis toward cities. We say “the flow of agricultural population into cities” or “dispersion of urban population”. I am of the opinion that rural communities are cities whose means of production is agriculture. 

Agricultural cities, industrial cities, consumption cities and recreation cities should each form an integral part of a compact community. A distinct urban system should exist between those cities. Agricultural cities have a potential as future cities. And that is the reason why it is necessary to have a basic plan for their future expansion.

The basic unit of the rural area of Japan is 500 m x 500 m community centered around a shrine, a grammar school and a temple. According to the proposed plan, roads, water services, electricity, monorails for work and other facilities are installed 4 meters above ground. This will enable common handling and administering of agricultural works.