The project is part of a winning entry for the future development of the industrial landscape of Hedeland. The small steel structures act as reference points in the open landscape. At first sight you could wonder whether the objects are fragments or left over machinery from the area’s industry. At a closer look the objects perform as precise stagings of the specific landscape situations they are a part of.

Each element relates closely to a specific landscape situation and to where they are placed. At the same time they are general and would each be able to appear many different places in Hedeland. As with the quarry machines all the structures are constructed as welded, galvanized and painted objects. They can easily be moved around in the landscape, by tractor, as the area transforms and redefines. All the objects are easy and cheap to make, simple to maintain and contain a sturdiness that stands in contrast to their fleeting, transportable character. The elements can be easily placed in the landscape because of their adjustable feet. The detailing is industrial which leads the mind towards the machines that originally shaped the man made landscape. As a contrast to their industrial character the new structures are shaped for the people who will use them, for instance as shelter on a hike, bird hide, shelters for staying overnight, sauna, covered fire pit, viewpoint or a spot for stargazing.