FAUSTINO Didier Hand Architecture (2009)

The megaphone is usually used to broadcast to a wide audience. Here it becomes a medium for a meeting between two individuals.
With a silencer, the user of the megaphone can whisper an intimate message to one single person.
It is the antithesis of a demonstration, a collective intimacy involving only two persons, anywhere in the public space.
The person captured by “Hand Architecture” becomes visually and aurally isolated from his surroundings, its only reference being the voice of its interlocutor.
The megaphone handler can then transmit an anti futurism manifesto, about mis/mess architecture:
“Don’t trust architects, there is no human mind without a body.
You must recover your awareness of the physical world.
Architecture may be a tool to sharpen your consciousness of reality.
Experience fragility.
Don’t trust architects .“