FARNWORTH Edith The Farnworth House (1953)

Do I feel implacable calm? The truth is
that in this house with its four walls of
glass I feel like a prowling animal, always
on the alert. I am always restless. Even in
the evening. I feel like a sentinel on
guard day and night. I can rarely stretch
out and relax.
What else? I don’t keep a garbage can
under my sink. Do you know why?
Because you can see the whole kitchen’
from the road on the way in here and the
can would spoil the appearance of the
whole house. So I hide it in the closet
farther down from the sink. Mies talks
about ‘free space: but his space is very
fixed. I can’t even put a clothes hanger in
my house without considering how it
affects everything from the outside. Any
arrangement of furniture becomes a
major problem, because the house is
transparent, like an X-ray.