BRANDLHUBER Ninikowo (2020)

The project located in the small Polish village of Ninikowo is the reprogramming of a former stable into a studio. In collaboration with the artist and project initiator Manfred Pernice, the old half-timbered building was converted by inserting a concrete slab with large skylights in place of the collapsed roof, in a similar way to the principle applied in the conversion of 0145 St. Agnes in Berlin. As an autonomous supporting structure, the concrete slab replaced the roof without having to tear down the outer walls, which were no longer suitable for load transfer. One of the building’s gable ends was also preserved with the help of a sculptural support designed by Manfred Pernice: three concrete buttresses now reinforce the remaining framework. The concept was developed in close collaboration with Manfred Pernice, who carried out part of the construction himself. Moreover, it was not a commission in the conventional sense. “It was also a case of first aid and special assistance provided on site,” says Pernice. “Assessing the state of the structure, exploring possibilities, exchanging ideas, and engaging in conversations about it. This was an essential, helpful, and important process.”