ARRHOV FRICK Lilla Rågholmen (2017)

The private residence on Lilla Rågholmen used the free plan as a reference — a flexible floor plan, open facades, exposed structure, and horizontal openings — which enabled the program to be organized by the position of the sun, the angle of the views, and the request for privacy. The house is grounded by a concrete plinth, cast directly on the exposed rock of the site. The concrete rises to form the perimeter of the house, and a cast-in-place sill continues around the foundation, lowered only for one to enter the home. The sill is used as a bench for sitting, storing, and a step to the outdoors; a gentle border.

From the plinth, a square grid of 16 steel posts extend upward to support a low slung, overhanging wooden roof. The pavilion like space is entirely enclosed in glass, with 4.2 m wide windows telescoping towards the corners, eliminating the boundary between inside and outside space. Few fixed elements are inserted in the plan — a kitchen in the center of the home, partitions around the bedrooms and bathroom, and a fireplace suspended above the concrete floor.